Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

To permanently stop smoking is one of the hardest things to accomplish, especially if it’s a long-time habit that you’re addicted to. The addictive substance, nicotine pleasure, is the main reason it’s so hard to quit. But we’re here to help. We understand the cravings you may get. We know that smoking may provide stress release or some other form of pleasure. At Virtual Hypnosis Center, we understand all of the challenges you may face in your journey toward a smoke-free future and want to help you tap into your inner strength and take control of your life and health.

Smoking cessation can be a big challenge but not too big to be conquered. Knowing that the ability to stop smoking is one of the the best things you can do for your health, we’re here to help you achieve this goal. There are a number of smoking cessation methods available such as nicotine lozenges, patches, chewing gums etc., but hypnosis remains the one smoking cessation method that is very effective and gives powerful results.

Hypnosis works to remove the negative thought patterns and behaviors associated with smoking—the root cause. These thought patterns and behavior are often the things that prevents smokers from quitting for good. We tackle and conquer these together.
Whenever someone makes the decision to stop smoking, the most important thing they can do is to stop the routine and change the way they view cigarettes. For example, if you smoke during a coffee break, after a stressful conversation or even after sex, its important stop the association of these acts with smoking. I help you stop smoking while still allowing you to enjoy these things you so enjoy. Breaking these behavioral patterns and replacing them with other, more positive actions is key. Quitting an addictive habit like smoking is a challenge. A lot of people find changing their perspective about something difficult to do. Hypnosis helps to focus on this change and it is fast becoming the most popular treatment method.
One thing to note is for a smoking cessation plan to work, you must want to stop smoking for yourself. While your friends, family and co-workers may be pushing you along, you have to do it for you. Hypnosis is very much more effective when the person undergoing therapy has that independent desire to quit.

By now we’re sure you know of the number of health risks associated with smoking like heart attacks, lung disease, strokes, cataracts and bone fractures. We’re here to help you not only take the first step toward getting smoking cessation help but also help you make it through to the finish line so that you can have a better quality of life.

Your subconscious mind functions similarly to a hard drive. It receives information, saves it and plays it back. Hypnosis helps to create an atmosphere in which things can be taken and added to the mind with less resistance. You could take out what is not working and put in what you want that works fine for your benefit. To this point, hypnotists look to change the thought patterns of the smoker. There are quite a number of different hypnosis techniques. Hypnosis is used to treat a wide variety of problems. Hypnosis has been proven to be really effective in the treatment of speech disorders, weight issues and addiction problems.

Virtual Hypnosis Center offers the best hypnosis smoking cessation method around, not to mention the most convenient! A phone consultation is where it all starts. This consultation usually lasts about 1 hour and during this consultation a plan is designed specifically for you to help accomplish your goals. The next step is moving to your actual hypnosis sessions. The first session is approximately 2 hours and the subsequent sessions are usually 1 hour. Each session begins with a pre-hypnosis discussion of progress and the hypnosis is followed by post hypnosis discussion. Most issues require between 4 to 6 sessions, however the number of sessions vary from person to person. Then it moves on to a live session where the client is taken through exercises that induce extreme relaxation by the hypnotist.

The goal of using hypnosis to stop the unhealthy habit of smoking is to equip people with the power to take control of their addiction. Hypnosis will promote healthy behaviors and can help the individual to develop new thought patterns.