Virtual Hypnosis Center is an International, comprehensive, full solution, private practice of Monica Bey. A Certified Hypnotist, Social Scientist, Life Coach and active member of the prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists with many years of experience, she offers a very different approach to hypnosis and always puts her clients first. She remains focused on the goals of the client and takes a very analytical and compassionate approach to finding solutions through hypnotic and coaching techniques.  This has enabled her to become one of the leading and most well respected hypnotists in the field of Virtual Hypnosis.

Monica’s specialties are: Behavior & Habit modification, Career,  Health Issues & Recovery, Motivation, Inspiration & Success, Pain management, Personal and Career development, Personal Finance, Personal FitnessPhobias,  Self Confidence & Self Esteem, Sleep problems, Smoking Cessation, Spiritual Hypnosis, Sports Performance Enhancement, and Stress Management

All hypnosis is done over the phone, from the convenience of your home. This unique method of hypnosis allows for stronger results for your subconscious mind to make the changes which you seek.

Monica’s mission is to provide the proper assistance to her clients and help them make their desired changes. She is passionate about helping her clients improve their lives and gain momentum with positive growth and overall well-being. She is extremely talented and is an outside-the-box thinker, who is successful at getting to the root of issues quickly and implementing the appropriate solutions. Through the use of her techniques, Monica’s clients are members of a rapidly growing family of people like you–people who are destined to achieve all they want in life and are steadily seeing their dreams come true right before their eyes.


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